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Oops!  I’m Not Ready!


Developed by Beth Ruthven

Mrs. Ruthven






You have been given a $500 grant by a local unplanned pregnancy organization. You are 9 months pregnant and your friends and family members have chipped in and bought you a crib and dresser for the baby. Aside from the crib and dresser you have no baby gear. Budget the money wisely and purchase the essentials that you will need for the baby’s first month of life. You do not need to purchase formula because you will be receiving Women, Infants and Children (WIC) benefits in exchange for attending nutrition and parenting classes. You must not spend more than $500, but you should spend as much of the money as possible. 


Introduction / Task / Process / Resources / Evaluation / Conclusion




 You will be creating an itemized list of items that you plan to purchase with the $500 you received from The Unplanned Pregnancy organization. You will be recording the prices and items. If you like you can link to this work sheet and copy it or create your own. You can spend less than $500 but you may not spend more than $500.


Introduction / Task / Process / Resources / Evaluation / Conclusion




Step 1.

Follow the work sheet link to copy and paste the worksheet into a new document or create your own worksheet on which to record your answers.

You will be shopping for items at on-line retailers. You must purchase items for baby’s first month of life.  Remember: you have a crib, a dresser and baby formula. For this exercise you do not have to calculate sales tax or shipping costs.  You will be purchasing items for three categories:

1. Health, Drug & Beauty Items
The items in this category include your soaps, shampoos, diapers, medicines, lotions, syringes, wipes, oils, nail clippers, bottles, and other items that you might find at a drug store.

2. Clothing, Blankets and Accessories
The items in this category include, clothes, onesies, blankets, additional bedding, shoes, socks, booties, barrettes, and other clothing related items.

3. Furniture and Baby Gear
The items in this category include your stroller, baby monitors, humidifiers, vaporizers, changing tables, swings, bouncers, toys, baby bath tubs, bottle warmers, bassinette, high chair, car seats and related baby gear.

Step 2.

Utilize the web links in the resource section. You are not limited to shopping at these stores.

Spend your money wisely. You have $500. Remember you are only buying items that you will need to get through babies first month of life!

Introduction / Task / Process / Resources / Evaluation / Conclusion




Baby Essentials

List of Baby Essentials

Health, Drug & Beauty Items (yes, Amazon has a Health and Beauty department)

These stores sell Clothing, Baby Gear Items, Furniture and other items
Baby Depot
Babies R Us store at AMAZON




Clothing Only



Introduction / Task / Process / Resources / Evaluation / Conclusion




Assignment is worth 100 points


Item name listed
1 point will be deducted for each item missing a name

Total points-10

Store names listed
1 point will be subtracted for each item missing a store name

Total points-10

Item costs listed
1 point will be subtracted for each item with a missing cost

Total points-10

Amount of money spent






$450-500-40 points
$400-$449-30 points
$300-$400-20 points
$200-$300-10 points
$200 or less-5 points
$500 or more-0 points


















Total points-40

Feasibility of items purchased to sustain babies first month of life
Instructor will deduct 4 points for each essential item omitted.

Total points-20 points

Spelling, grammar, clarity, punctuation

Total points-10


100 points possible


Introduction / Task / Process / Resources / Evaluation / Conclusion





Congratulations! You have just completed the Oops!  I’m Not Ready! WebQuest. You have now learned how to purchase necessary items on a small budget. This is a skill that all parents will need to utilize at one time or another. Now that you have completed the assignment, ponder the question below.

1) What items did you want to purchase but could not afford?







Introduction / Task / Process / Resources / Evaluation / Conclusion



This WebQuest was adapted from Dorrie Williams-Wheeler’s

Shopping For Baby WebQuest

2) What store did you notice had the best prices for clothes?

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